Friday, July 15, 2005

Peer pressure?

Peer most parent circles considered a bad thing for their kids to be exposed to. Most often I associate peer pressure with one of my kids being tempted and or "seduced" into an inappropriate and/or negative behavior. But tonite I saw the opposite. Peer pressure being used to elicit positive behavior.

While I was driving a group of kids around they were discussing playing "cell phone tag". (I won't go into that phenomenon here.) One of the kids asked if he could join the group - and they said "Yes, if you are going to come to church whenever you are in town!" It was such a cool display of "we want you to participate....please join us!" Nice to see.... And I've probably mis-labled this as peer pressure.....I think it was really more out of wanting to share their love of Jesus with another and a cool way to invite their participation that mixed well with their culture.

Of course, then I began to think of the last time I had a conversation with someone that included - "Hey, you know, you should really come to church with me whenever you're in town!" Convicted by my kids again........*sigh*

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