Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sunday download

We had a new teacher this Sunday for SMYG. Mitch did an amazing job. The lesson was on how God provides for all of our needs and the scripture passage was the account of the feeding of the 5000. He brought in some pita bread and a smoked whitefish (loaves and fishes) and during the telling / reading of the stories we all sampled least those that had courage! (When he ripped the skin off of the fish, we were all a little take aback!)

Then we discussed how God can use that which we have to bless others and provide for our needs and the needs of others....just like the boy who shared his loaves and fishes and Jesus expanded it to feed all and still have left-overs.

Mitch's teaching skill was obvious (should not have surprised me, he teaches 6th graders all day long for a living) but how he took to heart the passage, made it come to life, and made it real/experiential was awesome. That and his obvious love for the kids and Jesus!

I'm sure some of the kids will only remember seeing "a really gross fish".....but some will walk away with the truth that God provides for our needs......and we are called to be those hands and feet that reach out to start that in motion sometimes.....

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