Friday, May 26, 2006

Puzzling the Pieces - Part 2

Here is the follow up to part 1 (duh!)...written for our church newsletter

I love God. I love the mystery of God. I love how he revealed himself through Jesus and continues to do so through the Holy Spirit. It is so cool to know that He indeed has a plan for us – individually as well as communally.

Back in February, I shared with you that the Youth Ministry Team was reading through the book “Family Based Youth Ministry” by Mark DeVries. We asked for prayers from the EPPC family – for guidance, clarity, and perseverance – as we pondered how God wants us to better minister to the students he has entrusted to us. Around that same time a youth intern search team was formed and began the process of searching for a part-time youth ministry intern – to work with our youth beginning in June and continuing through the end of the year. Two separate teams – faithfully persevering through their missions– entering in without expectations and trusting God with the outcome.

As a result of the work of both of these teams, I am pleased to announce that we won’t be hiring a youth ministry intern at this time! That might sound like a strange announcement. But let me share with you a little bit of the path both teams have been on……

The youth intern search team, after prayerfully considering how best to incorporate a youth intern into our ministry and developing a job description, posted ads at various colleges, churches, and on our church website in early April. To date we have had zero response. The team believes God is revealing to us that this is not the time for the addition of a youth intern.

The conversations we had as a Youth Ministry Team lead us to the following question: How can we best allow God to work through us to transform students into Christ-centered, relational, passionate disciples that will succeed in making the transition from maturing Christian student to maturing Christian adult? In looking at this question we have discovered that at least part of the answer is in surrounding our students with maturing Christian adults that can be on the journey with them for the long haul as much as possible. The position of a part-time, short term youth ministry intern does not seem in line with this vision.

So with both teams arriving at the same place – through different processes- I truly am pleased to announce we won’t be hiring a part-time youth ministry intern. What does that mean for the future? Honestly, I don’t know. But our team will continue to ponder, persevere, and pray – entering in without expectations – and watch expectantly as God moves so that we remain in Him, as He reveals His plans, in His time, and in His mysterious ways. Praise God!

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