Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunday Download - Remain in Him

Last Sunday was just way cool. I had actually read the lesson ahead of time *sigh* so it had been simmering for awhile in my head. The lesson was on John 15 - The Vine and the Branches. I was looking for ways to make it "experiential" and thought of turning the youth room into a vineyard. So I ran yarn all around and across the ceiling to represent the vine and then hung clumps of grapes from them. Very fun. I also copied devotionals out of a book and "hung" them from the vine as well.

We had a great discussion about the verse. Talked about where it might be taking place - inside or out. What was going on - eating around a table, walking along a vineyard, etc. Where the disciples were - sitting/standing, walking ahead/behind, etc. Just a great conversation and the kids were engaged.

Then we had an object lesson about what it looks like to have Christ in us vs. remaining in Christ and being filled to overflowing. Cups, water, sponges, spraying kids with water.....woohoo!

Then we decided to have the kids "remain in Him" instead of just talking about it. We had the leaders take a sponge and squeeze out water over the kids head and pray that they would remain in Christ - then they all "picked" a devotion from the vine and spent time reading a verse and thinking about what God might be saying to them.

Afterwards I asked them if anyone wanted to share - not really expecting anyone to say anything. But, one young lady said "I just have to share this - it is such a God thing!" She had been having trouble with some friends. They had been telling her that she was changing and not as much fun as she used to be. The verse she had gotten was about God being the potter and us being the clay - and spoke about how as Christians we WILL change. She found this to be very affirming in her decisions and felt that God was speaking to her thru this time.

What a great "seal" to the lesson.......Remain in Him.......and He will remain in you.

I am so thankful how God spoke to this young lady....and thru all of us.

Yea, God!

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