Thursday, November 30, 2006

Helping me clear the temple - thanks, Drew!

I used to love running. I think I liked the mental aspect of it more than the physical. I'm generally a pretty laid back guy......but back in H.S. I used to try to destroy other runners on the track.
Now I'm old.
Running doesn't have much appeal anymore.
But I'm also gaining girth. That doesn't have much appeal to me either.
It was some time ago (like a few months) when I was "pondering" the various passages where Jesus clears the temple. At that time I felt God nudging me to start clearing the temple he has given me to live body. Clearing it of not just evil desires and thoughts - but of how badly I treat it.
That thought recently returned to me again - sort of like "HELLO, didn't you hear me the first time. I'm not kidding about this! Clear the temple!"
So I've started running.
But to keep doing it I'm going to need an accountability partner. So I've asked my son Drew to ask me every day if I ran or not.
I didn't think he actually would....but he has been. And it has made me keep on track so far. (Okay, I'm only into my first week but I've run twice so far and that has been because Drew has asked me if I have.)
And a child will lead them.....
Thanks Drew. I appreciate it more than you know. And I know you read this sometimes so as long as I'm being mushy and all....I love you!

Now how about that Bears / Vikings game this weekend. Go Bears! (Does anybody have a QB we can borrow?)

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