Thursday, January 04, 2007

Clearing the Temple Update

What an interesting journey. I finally get it, that Jesus really wants me to start taking better care of my body (clearing the temple). A couple weeks later I find out that I have developed diabetes.
It has now been a little over 5 weeks since I've started running/biking and informally watching what I eat. In general I've been doing 30-45 minutes of exercise 3X/wk and cutting back on my portion size at meals. Here are some of my observations:
  • The first 5-8 minutes of exercising are the worst. It takes me a while to find a groove.

  • My weight has dropped about 10 pounds.

  • I have better energy in the afternoons.

  • My exercise time has become very prayerful. Especially in the "listening" phase of the conversations I have with God.

  • After about 25 minutes the only prayers I can say are very simple - "Holy Spirit fall on me"; "Dear Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner", etc.

  • I enjoy watching sermons while I exercise....and listening to Kelly Clarkson. *sigh*

  • My family is very supportive of me. My kids even created a homemade exercise journal - complete with inspirational quotes - for me to track my progress.

It has been an amazingly positive experience - not just physically but spiritually. Praise God for blessing this adventure in clearing my temple so that there is more room for Him.

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