Wednesday, March 01, 2006

30 Hour Famine Poem

One of our leaders wrote the following poem as he reflected on our 30 hour famine's very cool! (Thanks for sharing Mitch!)

30 Hour Famine

Students checking in tonight
The mood is fun and spirits light
Excitement fills this sacred space
While tummies rumble on.

Leaders working at their post
“I haven’t eaten” students boast
Drew looks grumpy, he’d like to eat
While tummies rumble on.

Laughing, singing, making folders
While feeding the hungry rests on their shoulders
Just being together is part of the fun
While tummies rumble on.

Large group activity, no one can hear
The kids are obnoxious, but I have no fear
Time for a juice break, more hugging and laughing
While tummies rumble on.

Spider Ball, Spider Ball, that great active game
While the older girls choose something quiet and tame
Spirits are good, surprisingly high
While tummies rumble on.

Jacob sits out, he’s not feeling well
Is it hunger or illness, it’s too hard to tell
Drew is now happy, he so loves to play
While tummies rumble on.

They’d play all night, if we would allow
But tomorrow they’ll work, so it’s time for bed now
They need to rest and save their strength
While tummies rumble on.

An early start with blankets to make
They’ve sprung into work, make no mistake
They have joy in their hearts and wear headbands of scraps
While tummies rumble on.

“David’s amazing; he can tie, like so fast”
I wonder though, will the energy last?
Count ‘em up Dave, forty-nine…and fifty
While tummies rumble on.

“You guys are awesome,” our goals are a blur.
Four grand and fifty blankets we’ve past them for sure.
Gather ‘round to bless the blankets
While tummies rumble on.

These kids just keep going; I’m amazed with their drive
Earning money, making blankets, to help others survive
It’s time to deliver and spend time with the homeless
While tummies rumble on.

Back from our visits, the kids just don’t look their best
Twenty-six hours of fasting puts a kid to the test
Sharing experiences with love and compassion
While tummies rumble on.

“I’m not even hungry.” It seems, nor am I.
“I guess I’m just tired,” one says with a sigh
“I’m so sick of juice.” “How long ‘til we eat?”
While tummies rumble on.

It’s time to work and they make the transition
Twenty-eight hours of famine, yet so much ambition
I’m feeling mellow, and the kids so impress me
While tummies rumble on.

We’re on the home stretch just a little ahead
Some prayer and worship, and “Yeah, we get bread!”
Such a great weekend, I’m so proud of these kids
While tummies rumble on.

You must hear the benediction before you can run
And a big “Amen” Yeah, they really had fun.
Get out of the way, “It’s time to eat!”
While tummies rumble on.

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