Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Seeing Jesus in a food court

I admit it. I'm a Pot Belly Sandwich addict. I think the secret is in the bread, combined with the perfect combination of hot peppers they put on their sandwiches. At least once a week I find myself at the EP Mall food court eating "The Wreck" with a bowl of chili and an Arizona Ice Tea. Yummm.

Usually during this time, I'll have a book to read or the newspaper. Just sort of disengage from everything and focus on......nothing. Yesterday was different though. Yesterday, as I sat down, I had this tremendous burden of what it would be like if Jesus was sitting in the food court. How he would be viewing and engaging the people. The people in the food court suddenly weren't a distraction but rather an attraction. Knowing that under all of the hurry and busyness - there is so much hurt, so much sin, so much aching for purpose and meaning and.....God.

I wish I could say that these thoughts lead me to have a great interaction with someone and share the story of Jesus with them....but it didn't. But it did move me closer to being more like Jesus - even in the food court. A very small step - but I don't think an insignificant one.

Where have you seen Jesus that surprised you?

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Paul Prins said...

A heck of a lot, though one of the more random ones had been while stuck in a revolving door... Maybe while I'm home this summer (though mostly will be living in menomonie) we could go share the gospel up at the mall a bit. Let me know,