Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Compilation Creed

This past few months our youth group has been going thru "confirmation". I have some personal biases with that word but regardless of that - it was an awesome experience! We did Youth Alpha and then a New Members Class thing and it was pretty sweet. In the process our youth wrote out their own personal creeds........below is a compilation of what they wrote. Very cool.......

I believe in God….creator of heaven and earth. I believe that God’s being, his nature, is too great for human comprehension. I believe God knows and understands me better than I will ever know and understand myself. I believe God has a plan for my life. I believe that even though I know I am not far in my journey of faith and even though I have doubts I know that God is real. In God – all things are possible!

I believe that Jesus is God’s only son. He is a passionate leader, courageous, and brave. I believe that Jesus has been on the earth because of his teachings in the church and the everyday miracles to his people. He proclaimed God’s gospel….and died completely without sin. I believe that Jesus died for our sins. He was sent to die on the cross for me and rose again so that I can be forgiven. Since He died for my sins, my slate can be wiped clean. I believe that Jesus is my friend and he never leaves you like an orphan but comes to you like a parent. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so.

The Holy Spirit is sent by Christ to help guide us through everyday life. I believe that the Holy Spirit entered my body the day that I gave my heart to Jesus. The Holy Spirit works through me and in me. He is the voice in my head and the song in my heart revealing the truth in all tough situations. He helps me open my eyes each day to see something new or God’s work in my life. When I pray, the Holy Spirit seems to put the right words in my mouth and gives me strength when I am weak. He is a protector, comforter, and a connection between me and God.

The Bible is inspired by God and God is infallible – so the Bible is perfect just like Him…. Though God is extremely complex, we can also learn even more of his nature through reading his word, the Bible. The Bible is true.

I believe the church is a gathering of community. The church is a place where one can explore their faith. It is a place where brothers and sisters in Christ can come and learn, share, and develop their faith in God. It is a fellowship of believers, a place for prayers and praise. It is a place to talk to God when you need Him most. I believe that the church is here to help us serve others, to get guidance and support, to go and teach others about God. The church is a celebration place!

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Danielle Jones said...

You are so good and such a blessign to those kids- I am inspired by what is going on in the midst of that little corner of the kingdom!
Continued blessings- and I say- definitely join the stuffed animal club...