Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hangin' out with 7 y.o.'s

I spent the majority of the day hangin' out with my son, Alexey, and his best friend Peter. I decided early in the day not to worry about "to do" lists, house chores, planning ahead, or youth ministry stuff. Just to hang out and be available - it was a fabulous day.

Started with Subway sandwiches we took to the park. Playing tag/chase/run around the play structure. Sitting and eating and speaking on topics that fascinate 7 y.o.'s - bodily functions/noises, sports, video games, what's cool.....

Then hangin' at the house - okay, I admit it, I napped while they played some Harry Potter computer games.

Then off to a lake for some fishing - everyone caught a fish! Gentle exploring and story telling of other fishing adventures.

Back home for a bonfire, hotdogs, pasta salad - and then watching "Treasure Hunter" while wrestling, playing indoor soccer, etc. Time for smores and watching the fire...then finally showers and bed.

What a cool day.

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