Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer youth group ponderings.....what if.....

As i think about how I view summer youth group activities the following pops into my head:

What if......

* Every one of our kids was invited to breakfast by one of our leaders twice over the summer
* Our leaders went to one sporting event, recital, practice, etc each month
* A phone call was made to just say "hi, how's your summer going" to each of our kids
* Our summer "program" consisted of a mission trip and a camping trip - the rest of the time was left unscheduled
* We made the time to sit down with the parents of our kids over the summer and asked them what their hopes and dreams were for their children - spiritually, relationally, school, career, etc.

How would this effect the spiritual growth of our kids? Would it be different than what we are doing now? Is it either/or......both/and? How would it impact our leaders? More burnout or less?

What is the wise way?


clave said...

All I'm saying is that I love where your head is at!!!

Tony Myles said...

This is a solid approach and the best one.

Unfortunately, those who pay your salary (or who believe they do because they tithe) might have something to say about it.

If you go this route, stand your ground.