Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Christian conversations

While standing in line at the local Christian bookstore I had the following comments made to me while talking about why i was wearing a 30 hour famine t-shirt...

Person #1
"I used to go to ____church but now i go to____. We are planting two churches you know. I don't know where I'll choose to go yet. Does the money from the famine all go to world vision? Hunger really isn't a problem we will ever solve. It's so big. (whispering now) I hope you enjoy learning about patience...every time I come here they are SO slow."

"I go to ____church. Yeah, it's great for my kids but I sure wish they had more women's ministry programs. I guess as long as my kids are happy tho, we'll keep going. Sometimes I just wish there was more for me."

Maybe it was just my take on the conversations...but I left feeling icky.


Anonymous said...

"icky" - an appropriate word.

Tony Myles said...

One of my favorite ways to interact with this line of conversation involves two questions.

Question 1: (the set-up)

"As you read the Bible, what do you think Jesus' priority for the Church is?"

(they answer)

Question 2: (the punch-line)

"Based on your comments earlier, would you say your heart and life echo this dream? Or would you agree that we all get a little distracted sometimes?"