Monday, June 05, 2006

Celebrating Seniors

Disconnected, sporadic attendance, missing, too busy, not committed......Words and phrases that I have heard (and thought myself at times *sigh*) when describing the class of seniors we have that are part of our tribe at church.

Typical, traditional, Presbyterian, just another thing......Words and phrased I have heard (and thought myself at times *sigh*) when describing how we recognize our graduating seniors.

Yeah, I know it is statistically "normal" for 11-12th grade kids to "fade" in their involvement in youth stuff. I believe that will change as we change our church culture but that is for another post. Anyway - we had our Sr. High recognition this past Sunday - and it was truly a blessing.

My good friend Lois put together an extravagent spread - very cool poster board of pictures and plans the young people have, awesome treats....homemade creampuffs and chocolate covered strawberries just to name a few....balloons, confetti - just over the top WOOHOO.

Then, at the beginning of the service the kids came up and shared a little about their plans. We presented them with a gift and then had the kids and their parents move to the center of the sanctuary where we laid hands upon them and prayed. The service was full so we had them surrounded with about 250+ people.....all connected physically....spiritually.....lifting them up in prayer. I love that our church does this. What a blessing to give as well as be a part of.

We had a very small class of graduates - only seven. And yes, for the past year, really only two have been somewhat connected to our "program". But, we have continued to e-mail, encourage, ask about, send the occasional card to and pray for each of them. I think that is why 5 of them showed up on Sunday to be a part of the service. They may not darken the door of the youth room very often - but they know they are loved, cared for, and that there are people here that will continue to pray for and seek them out.

Yea, God.

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