Friday, June 09, 2006

Thouhgt expansion

Have you ever read a book and in the process actually felt your thoughts and ideas being expanded and stretched? It happens rarely for me. Not because I’m brilliant and have it all figured out – as if no one can add to my thoughts. No, rather it is because at heart I’m a “lazy” reader. I read too fast and don’t ponder or pursue ideas that are presented. Also, I know that within a few days most of what I have read will be forgotten. This needs to change. My laziness is keeping me from really soaking up the bible (and other great stories and people) – letting it simmer in my mind, heart, and soul. Thus keeping me from loving God with all of my strength.

Lectio Divina, centering prayer, fasting…….just a few of the disciplines I am finding more and more intriguing. And at first glance – all have to do with creating space in the day God has given me. Space for quiet solitude with Him. Opportunities to take note of His plan for me. Taking time to listen, look, learn, and link up with Him and His process of restoring my relationship with Him, myself, others and the world. (thanks to Scot McKnight, author of “Embracing Grace”, for those four “L’s” and the expansion of my thoughts on restoration.)

I need to share this with a person (whoever is reading this, I am grateful, but I need someone to ask me how I’m doing in taking the time to work on restoring my relationship with God, myself, others and the world – you are welcome to do this thru comments tho!). I need to enter into some serious truth telling…...and it should start now.

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clave said...

Lectio divina has been something I have enjoyed and benefited from as well. It sounds like something that may be good for your 'beta testing'!