Monday, January 16, 2006

A full Sunday - part 1

Teaching SMYG (our name for Jr./Sr. high Sunday School....Sunday Morning Youth Gathering) and Crossroads (our Sunday evening Sr. High youth gathering) and in between attending our farewell worship service for our interim pastor. Quite a's the highlights....

Part 1 - SMYG - Hands and Feet

We've been doing lessons on being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Today we focused on "feet" and dug into the passage from John where Jesus washes the disciples feet. After reading the text I washed the other leader's feet (no advance notice for them!) as we all discussed the text. Then we brainstormed on how we use our feet to serve - "walk", "take a stand", "dig in", "leave an impression", etc. Cool discussion. .

Next we dimmed the lights, played "If we are the body" by Casting Crowns and had the kids dip one of their feet into some paint, walk on a huge white wallpaper cross on the floor, and had a leader wash the paint off as he prayed for them (thanks to YS Creative ideas for the idea!). Then the leaders all walked the cross and three students washed their feet....very cool.

We now have a really cool looking cross hanging on the wall - white with yellow, blue, and red footprints. We're going to leave it up until the famine in about 6 weeks.....

I'm sure some of the kids thought it was just fun or even goofy. But others....I think really started to have a feeling for what that Last Supper might have been like.....and their hearts for serving grew just a little least that is my prayer (for myself and the kids).

The day continues in part 2!

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