Monday, January 16, 2006

A full Sunday - part 3

Creed Construction - my fancy way of saying "faith statements" so that we don't scare kids away!

We started a two week focus on writing our creeds during Crossroads. My hope is that this isn't an assignment but a place to begin - a point of reference on their journey - that they can use to see how their beliefs evolve, change, and differ from each other.....but that we can all remain in community. Tried to make the process as interactive as possible - some highlights:

Steal the bacon - have to start with a game right? And as I don't usually hang with Crossroads crowd this was my first time playing.....all I can say is.....I ROCK!

Brief intro and then we listened to "Creed" by Third Day. Quick look at Apostle's and Nicene Creeds. I asked if anyone had any questions about them and didn't really expect much of a response some great questions about "descended into hell", "We look for the resurrection of the dead", and was great.

Then did some small groups - what might be hard about writing your creed and why might it be a good thing? More great discussion.....

Then....the moment we had all been dreading....actually writing what you believe. We focused on what they believe about God and Jesus. Brainstormed some words and phrases about each and then had them write.....and they did......humbling. I hope I can get them to share what they are writing.....

Then we tried a new thing....worship at the end of the evening. I had my reservations at first. I mean, in my three years of doing various forms of youth group (such extensive experience...I am an expert, right?) the standard formula is game, worship, message, small groups, hang out time. But the worship at the end was good - especially after spending time discussing what we believe....and it's sort of cool thinking that the kids may take one of the songs into the night with them and carry it thru the week.....intentionally or accidently noticing God/praying to Jesus thru humming, etc. Nice prayer is that it is happening and that we all are growing.....

That's the end.....a full sunday. It has been a good day. Jesus rocks!

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