Monday, January 16, 2006

A full Sunday - part 2

After SMYG I went to our farewell worship service for Pastor J. She has been a great interim - what an example of having a servant heart and speaking truth into hard situations. She has such a strong faith. One of those people whom I don't always agree, but have a great relationship with. Today was her last day at EPPC. 20 months together (and in that time 27 baptisms!) and quite the journey. The service was a wonderful celebration of our time together and she left us with challenging and encouraging words (and of course one more shot at doing a Lectio Divina with the congregation couldn't be passed up!)

Before the service she had come down to the youth room and saw what we were setting up. (See Part 1!) I asked if she could take off her shoes and put paint on her foot and walk on the cross. I think I might have even said something to the effect of "Because you have left such an impression here" Anyway....she graciously agreed....but for the first time was a little flustered.

Then after she had walked the cross.....I knelt and got in position with soap and water....and she said "You're going to wash my feet aren't you?" Yeah....and pray for her....granted it was sort of an ambush of her on an emotional day but it was something I felt i was to do. It was a privilege walking with her these past 20 months....I have grown in my respect for "order" (even if it drives me crazy sometimes!) and have seen some great modeling of service and loving people. It was cool to wash the feet that have journeyed so faithfully and for so long, to pray a blessing upon them and her, and to share my love of her as a sister in Christ this way.

Pastor J - Blessings to you on your continued journey. You have left quite an impression on this heart. You will be missed.....but we will gather together again when the "way has been made clear"....praise God.

The day continues in part 3!

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