Thursday, January 26, 2006


I was able to spend yesterday at the Arboretum as a mini retreat. This past couple of weeks has been crazy busy and I have been immersed in details and minutia - important stuff - but stuff that has kept me from looking at the big picture and visioning for the youth ministry and myself.

Yesterday, God breathed some new life into my thoughts and ideas for direction - it was a wonderful day.

A 3 mile walk in the woods conversing with God - praying and focusing on his abundance in my personal life and in our church. Time spent reflecting on being a leader and how to lead "from the inside out".....first thru being in tune with God and letting things flow out of that. And then finally, time spent in how to share what seems to be laid before me.

Praise God for beckoning me.....and for people praying me thru these days.....

In an ideal world, I would get out there once a week.......we'll see.....

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